Window Tinting

Window TintingWe often get phone calls asking if we do window tinting. Window tinting is an attractive option because it can filter out up to 99.9% of ultraviolet light even without

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the use of a shade. This can help reduce fading of valuable furniture in your home as well as keep costs of air conditioning down because it can reduce the heat generated through your windows by about 25%.

While our sunscreen fabrics can provide excellent results, there are times when adding a window covering to a window is just not practical. If you’ve got a skylight window that’s too difficult to reach, and there’s no option for powering a motorized shade, window tinting could be right for you.  Some people prefer a combination of indoor window coverings and window tinting in their home or office to maximize protection.

There are many different types of window tinting available for different situations, depending on how much light you want to filter, if you want the window film to provide privacy or safety, and the type of windows you’d like the window film installed on.

Advanced Shading doesn’t do window tinting, but can recommend an expert in the field. Since 1986, Daystar has provided Bay Area home and business owners with window tinting services for all needs and situations. We’ve had the pleasure of working alongside Daystar on some jobs in the area and can recommend their services without hesitation.

You can call Daystar for a free window tinting quote and make sure you tell them you were referred by Advanced Shading to get the best price available. For more information, call 415-896-6444 or 510-749-7505. You can also visit their website at

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Lutron’s Website Facelift

Without a lot of fanfare, Lutron  have updated their website with a new look. It looks fantastic and the layout makes it easier to find what you need. At the time of this update, the applet to help you find a local dealer isn’t working, and neither is the search function, but it’s likely these features will be up soon enough.

Take a look at

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BTX Wins WCMA Award for Solar Powered Drapery

BTX Window Automation was selected by the Window Covering Manufacturers Association as recipients of the Best Technical Innovation in Motorization. The product awarded the prestigous prize for their Tumo Eco-Line drapery track, which uses solar power to run a motorized system. The plug-and-play setup needs no wiring to get going and is very simple to use. The Eco-line panel is mounted on the inside of the window pane and uses RF control for ultimate convenience.

WCMA Award Winning BTX Eco-line

This system can pull up to 44 lbs. with a single motor, and it can also be hand-drawn. Simply plug this system into the slim-designed solar accumulator, then control up to six systems or six groups of systems by radio remote. No electrician is necessary, and installation is fast and easy. The solar accumulator is designed for maximum solar collection while cleverly hidden by the drapery. Like all BTX systems, the Tumo Xcel Eco-line features flexible control options, including switch, RF remote and network control through dry contact closure, making it ideal for many different applications.

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Green Fabrics

Last week’s Earth Day had many of us thinking of ways we can cut down on our ‘carbon footprint’, or at the very least wasting as little energy as possible. Besides the obvious benefits of shading systems cutting heat out of your home and saving on cooling costs, and even insulating in colder temperatures, there’s a lot of choice out there with todays shading fabrics with regards to how they’re made.

PVC-Free fabrics are the most common in the realm of ecologically responsible fabrics for shading. PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride and is used in making a lot of shades because it makes them much more durable. So durable, in fact, that they are hard to destroy, are in no way biodegradable. The additives used in creation of the fabrics off-gas resulting in an odor that many liken to the “new car smell”. This is not something you’d typically want used for shading in a baby nursery! PVC-Free fabrics  do not contain these additives and don’t have the odor that goes along with them. The trade off is bit less in stiffness, durability, and the sizes with which the fabric can be cut without railroading. However, for shades in the home this is often not an issue.

Another choice is fabric made of 100% recyclable materials. These are made in wholly from materials containing reused, reconditioned, or remanufactured materials. The benefits here are doubled as there’s less material going into landfills, and less need for the original materials. This type of fabric is unfortunately all that common.

The Greenguard Environmental Institute has created a certification for fabrics to guarantee the textiles and materials used for furnishings contain a minimal or zero contaminants that may have a significant impact in air quality. Shade fabrics with Greengaurd certification will not off-gas. Greenguard tested over 75,000 toxins and chemicals in fabrics made all over the world. The certification is accepted by many environmental organizations in the US, including Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS), and Green Guide for Healthcare (GGHC). Many specifiers for jobs in schools and healthcare facilities will insist on Greenguard certified fabrics.

The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is an indepenent and worldwide organization that with various tests certifies fabrics to be clear of any harmful concentrations of potentially dangerous chemicals.  The substances have to be non-existent or at very minimal levels to be considered for this certification. The certification lasts 12 months, which means products issued the certification must ensure continuos compliance with the standard.

Advanced Shading can help specifiers of jobs find appropriate fabrics with the colors, styles, and properties  they desire while still maintaining a high level of conformity to green building.

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Hunter Douglas Bows Out of Online Sales

Hunter Douglas, the giant in the world of affordable window treatments has told it’s online retailers to cease internet sales as of all of their products in North America as of June 1st. This is an interesting move, as a quick google search for window shades will return results for plenty of online retailers specializing in their products. We can only speculate on the amount of sales they generate from selling online, but cutting this stream off has to be huge.

It’s not as if they’ll be in trouble from the lack of sales in this sector. Every year you hear of more and more companies being taken over by Hunter Douglas, as they seek to expand their market even further. This could possibly be an effort to reorganize, regroup, and strategize with so many more avenues for sales than they had when they first sold online. In our opinion,  the result will be to bring the brand a higher level of esteem as sales will be made through exclusive brick and mortar retailers and possibly specialty contractors like ourselves.

What’s also interesting is that this Netherlands based firm seems to be going against the grain. More window covering manufacturers seem to be ramping up or joining in the internet market where it was a gray area before. For instance, Lutron Shading announced last year a new internet sales program for approved sales partners.

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Window Covering Safety

We’re sure everyone who needs to know by now does, but it’s always good to remind ourselves of safety issues. If you need help with a manual shade system with cords you think might be a problem, you can get your free retro fit kits for Roman shades or roll up blinds at or 1-800-506-4636.

If you’ve bought a manual shading system from us you think could be a problem, please call us at 510-487-4233.

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Visit our YouTube Channel

For videos of products and projects, see our youtube channel!

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Silent Gliss 2730: Innovative, Silent and Curved

Silent Gliss has released a brand new panel glide system, this time with tracks that can be curved. The system is known as the 2730 Flex and is now available.

Straight system Silent Gliss 2700 will be replacing the current Silent Gliss 2500 system; features are a smoother and more silent operation through newly designed carriers and tracks.

The system 2730 is the first of its kind in the world. Not only does it offer the same advantages as system 2700, it’s tracks are even bendable. With its calm and trendy design, this system can also be used as design element or room divider.

Click to view the Launch Brochure 2700 & 2730 Flex

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How to Use the Automated Window Coverings of Your Choice in a Home Pre-Wired for Lutron

BTX Sent out a news release today:

In today’s economy, we all want a choice. Even more, we DESERVE choice. The days of only three television networks and two car manufacturers are long gone. The same goes for the window coverings and home automation industries. Choice of fabric treatment, choice of high definition video screen, choice of remote lighting control… the list goes on and on. Reality is that we want what  suits us best, often not what people want to sell us. The catch is that we would like to fulfill those desires at a reasonable cost.

When it comes to network integration, BTX gives you that choice. Despite any obstacles, BTX offers a way to give you the flexibility you need to get the job done using the systems YOU want at a price you can afford.

If you find yourself in a situation where a house has been pre-wired, for Lutron for instance, but you prefer to use a customized automation solution from BTX for window coverings, simply check out the wiring diagrams on our website, and see how you can integrate these where many others can’t.

For a complete overview of our program or for any questions about our products, go to our website or call 1-800-422-8839 or 214-340-2800. We are here for you.

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Coming soon from Lutron

Cable guided roller shade
Allows roller shades to operate in slightly angled applications and prevents unwanted shade movement in locations with strong airflow. Coming soon! Watch this space for any news.

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Can we Motorize your Roman Shades? Definitely!

We’re often asked about the ability to take an existing Roman or Soft-Shade and motorize it using any number of systems. It’s something we specialize in! We can take practically any roman shade and make it into the perfect automated system for you, whether you prefer a Lutron, Somfy, BTX, Nice, or other motor and interface, we can do it! Reach us on our contact page for assistance on your project.

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Assembly of a G-Rail drapery track

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Total Cost Goes Beyond the Price of System Components

White paper: AC vs. low voltage Sivoia QS

This white paper analyzes the total installation cost of line voltage AC and low voltage Sivoia QS shading systems. Various AC and Sivoia QS systems were designed, quoted and compared; yielding hard data that challenges the common high-cost perception of low voltage systems.
Beyond the potential savings of Sivoia QS, the paper also considers important issues related to shading systems, such as space churn and
lighting control integration.
The full study, P/N 367-1679, is available here.

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CEPro’s 2009 Edition of “The Ultimate Guide to Lighting Control”

CEPro has compiled the Ultimate Guide to Lighting Control,  a list of brands on the market and opinions from dealers about why they choose a certain manufacturer.

See more at



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Lutron Blinds and Shades Fashion Event

The Lutron Blinds and Shades Fashion Event celebrated the launch of the light control specialist’s new range of blinds and shades fabric.

Held at the Imagination Gallery in London’s West End this past October, the event saw Grand Design’s Kevin McCloud talking about the use of lighting within architecture, to over 100 guests from within the lighting and architectural industry. He then stayed to talk to guests at the evening drinks reception.

Another highlight of the evening was a unique fashion show displaying the Lutron product range in an entirely new light – clothing. Fashion graduate, Emma Golding, designed six outfits made entirely out of blinds and shades fabric.


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The B9 Motorized Roman Shade from BTX

Roman shades are often very heavy, and the weight of the shades places considerable strain on the pulling mechanism, making manual operation cumbersome, if not impossible. The motorized B9 roman shade system is the preferred choice of designers and window coverings specialists who require an elegant look combined with comfortable operation.

Not only is this system elegant and flexible, but it is very strong. Depending on requirements, it can be fitted with a motor capable of lifting fabric loads up to 150 lbs. Separate tube sections can be coupled onto a main tube section that carries the motor. This way the system can span as much as 27 ft. of width covered by uninterrupted Roman shade fabric.

BTX offers the B9 operating systems built to size and specification and are mounted onto a wooden base frame for your easy attachment of your fabric of choice. Lift points positioned to specification are easily adjustable to ensure smooth, even lift. BTX offers a wide choice of operating controls such as IR and RF remote controls, timers, sensors and interfaces for seamless integration with most home network controls.


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Lutron’s new RF Tabletop Keypad

Lutron has announced a new seeTouch® tabletop keypad for Sivoia® QS Wireless provides control of up to three groups of shades or draperies. Currently offered in “snow”or “midnight”, the keypad comes in 6 different button configurations and custom engraving is available. This new tabletop keypad can be used with standard AA batteries or plugged-in with a transformer.


Lutron’s website doesn’t show any information on this new keypad yet, but it will be a welcome addition to the QS family of products, as many prefer the seeTouch style to the currently available “Pico” control modules. If you’d like us to let you know when we get more info or when it’s ready to be ordered, contact us here.

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Lutron QED CCI-8 at a special low price

For a limited time, we’re selling our overstock of Lutron SVQ-CCI-8 contact closure input boards for a low price of only $175. These are new stock, never used.

The CCI-8 Contact Closure Input board can be used for dry contact to a home lighting system or other home automation system.

For more info and to buy online, see this link.

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Control your motorized drapes… with a Wii Remote!

There’s plenty of clever people out there making the most of the technology in their home, and Hasse is no exception! This enterprising Dutchman has managed to get his Nintendo Wii video game controller to control his Goelst drapery track.

This project is not for the faint of heart, so don’t try this at home!

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Lutron’s AVANT Collection

Previously introduced at CEDIA, Lutron’s CERUS and Kirbé systems are now available to purchase and can be ordered from Advanced Shading, Inc.

Lutron is calling this new collection of products “The Avant Collection”, which also includes a new range of fabrics, cornices, and drapery panels. These systems can be controlled with Sivoia QED or Sivoia QS.

Download the Avant Brochure PDF

Download the Avant Brochure PDF

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